Running Mistakes Costing You Speed

Apr 26, 2023

Let me tell YOU a secret…


When I first started running, I didn't follow a plan or pace. I would just lace up my shoes and head out the door. I would just run as hard as I could and as long as I could. I kept wondering why I was always feeling burnt out and not getting any faster.

It wasn't until I started following a training plan with specific mileage and paces was when I started seeing results. I added in easy runs to get my miles in but saved speed workouts to focus on my goal race pace. I wasn't getting injured and started to hit new personal bests in my races.

What YOU think makes you a faster runner //

Running Fast Always - This will lead to burn out and injuries. Trust me, I went through it. I always recommend to save your fast runs or your goal race pace for speed workouts, intervals, or fartleks.


The Shoes You Wear - Having a good fitting show is important but it’s not the reason that you will be fast. I recommend getting fitting at running store. They will be able to give you a gait analysis and get you in the right pair for you and your running strike.


No Easy Runs - 80% of your running should be easy. This could be 1-2 minutes slower than your goal race pace. This where you build your weekly volume, flush out the legs, and get your body used to being on your feet.


What ACTUALLY makes you a faster runner //


Most Runs at an Easy Pace - build your running base and stay injury free


Staying Consistent with your training plan - your training plan should be progressive and build up your distance and speed. You can’t wake up one day and just head out the door for a 10 mile run when you haven’t ran in 5 years or ever. This will lead to overtraining and injury. Having a plan will guide you to get the most out of your training runs.


Speed Sessions based on your goals - save these for your specific speed days listed in your training plan.

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