4 Steps to Start Your Running Routine

Apr 26, 2023

I was in your shoes when I first started running.

I know sometimes the hardest part of any fitness routine is just getting started. But once you get the workout going, you feel way better. I would just run randomly for a few miles and my pace would be all of the place. I would think I was ready for race day but then I would start off way to fast and run out gas in the middle of the race. I never lifted weights, fueled my body properly, or rested enough and would feel little pains in my shins or hips but I would just ignore them and keep going.

I had no plan just a goal of running 10 miles. I would run just to run and my pace would be all over. I would run out gas and there would be miles left. I was lost but I knew if I kept going it would get better.

I started taking my training more seriously. Each run had a purpose and I made sure I added in a proper warm up and cool down. Don’t skip out on stretching! I made sure I drank water and added in electrolytes when needed. I made sure I was eating enough food.

4 steps that YOU need when starting YOUR running journey

Have a PLAN + Stick to IT - I know hitting that snooze button may sound like a good idea, but getting up 30 minutes earlier to get your run in before it gets too hot will have you feeling better and not dreading your run later in the day when it's 90 degrees out. That’s why I created 10K YOUR Way, my 6 week run training program. I will guide you along the next 6 weeks to get you ready to cross the finish line feeling strong, confident, and maybe even hitting a new PR. This will balance out easy or recovery runs, speed work or fartleks, and long runs. As well as 2 full body workouts that you can do at home or in the gym using dumbbells. I will share all my tips + tricks that I have learned along the way.

Mark it on YOUR calendar to Create a ROUTINE - After you have a plan, write it down! You are more likely not to miss or forget about it when you are putting your workout in your calendar, make it a part of your routine. If you like getting your easy run done first thing in the morning, add it in and commit to it every week!

Have an ACCOUNTABILITY buddy - Workouts are always better with friends. They will be there when you are feeling motivated and when you feel not so motivated. They will be at the finish line cheering you on. I also noticed when I had an accountability buddy, I was more likely to get my run in since I didn’t want to let them down.

Adding in proper fuel + hydration and rest + recovery - These go hand in hand. When I first started out I only ran at random paces and distances and wouldn’t feel ready for the next day’s workout because I didn’t allow myself to rest or fuel my body with enough energy to get through the workout. Which left me feeling defeated and injured. I will share tips on how to hit your hydration goal and how much protein you should be having post-workout. I suggest getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night to ensure you are ready to hit that next workout feeling refreshed and ready.



I learned the hard way and I want you to learn from my mistakes that I’ve made over the last 8 years so you don’t need to. Over the next 6 weeks, I will get you feeling strong to run that 10k or next race. I will share recipes and nutrition tips to keep you going. I will share speed workouts to help you get to your goal race pace. I will share full body workouts that you can do at home or in the gym using dumbbells.

If you are ready to cross the finish line feeling strong, confident, and maybe even hitting a new PR, head over here to apply to see if we are a good fit.

As always feel free to hit me up with any questions!See you at the starting line!

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